Bob Zemke, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Extreme Networks advises that network visibility and control are key to successful wireless deployments.

As a result of a growing reliance on wireless networks to support mobility and connected medical devices, healthcare organizations are facing many challenges bringing their legacy networks up to speed to support the influx of connected devices, from bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives to connected medical equipment.

Control, visibility key for healthcare wireless networks
“We’re seeing hospitals having more devices and people connected across the wireless network than the wired infrastructure,” Bob Zemke, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Extreme Networks, told

“Wi-Fi first started rolling out about 15 years ago it was considered it would never be robust enough for mission critical, life critical scenarios,” he continued. “And yet that’s exactly what we have today.”

Health systems and hospitals looking to increase the performance of their networks to handle the traffic from mobile devices and applications need to consider the expanse of their network and how much their staff depends on connected devices.

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