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About Topia

With a growing focus on data breaches in and around the enterprise


About Topia Technology

Founded in 1999, Topia Technology has spent over a decade securiely moving and managing data in complex distributed environments for programs with the US Army, FAA, Air Force and TSA. Each of these customers require security coupled with strict performance metrics – challenges met by Topia’s innovative solutions, patented technologies and seasoned engineering team.

Topia’s world-class engineers specialize in securing data in complex distributed systems, systems engineering, and distributed architectures, including service oriented architecture (SOA) and cloud computing.

  • 10 years building solutions for federal government & defense agencies
  • World-class experts in security, mobility, and cloud
  • Deep expertise in secure data movement for high performance, complex distributed systems
  • Bringing military-grade solutions to the enterprise

10 years building solutions for federal government agencies


With a growing focus on data breaches in and around the enterprise and the need to ensure best-in-class levels of data security in highly regulated industries, Topia introduces its military-grade security platform, Secrata, to offer unmatched security, flexibility and performance for the enterprise. Secrata is an innovative patented technology that shreds and encrypts data end-to-end to harden security for cloud, mobile and Big Data. Secrata is the only triple-layer enterprise security platform providing encryption and separation end-to-end, and protects against brute force attacks and more innovative security threats. The solution ensures a new level of security, privacy and compliance for all enterprise data regardless of where it is stored or how it is accessed.


Data is an enterprise’s most valuable commodity. Protecting that data is critical to the survival of the organization, but sharing that data with partners, vendors, and contractors is essential to its success. Sherpa enables the enterprise to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously by allowing data to be shared with partners, vendors, and contractors while also maintaining the security of that data in transit, orchestrating the transmission of data between systems, and providing assurance that data is being used as intended by each party.

By leveraging Blockchain as an immutable permissioning layer, Sherpa automates partner agreements through the use of smart contracts and ensures the terms and conditions of the data exchange are met. The orchestration component reports the status to the Blockchain to ensure compliance.

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