Protecting your business assets — data, devices, programs, infrastructure, and people — requires a 24/7 approach that blends protection, detection, and resolution capabilities. The latter two are critical, because it’s not a question of whether you’re going to be the victim of a cybersecurity problem, but when.

And while the focus on and commitment to cybersecurity is growing, the threatscape continues escalating, with the bad guys always a step ahead. As the saying goes: They only have to get it right once; the good guys have to get it right every time.

There is progress, said Kevin Walker, security CTO, Juniper Networks. “Cybersecurity is becoming more secure. It’s not secure, but it’s becoming more secure.”

Making your network more secure starts with understanding that your data is valuable and therefore vulnerable. The growing volume of breaches and the professionalism involved by the thieves, including cybercriminals, rogue governments, and disaffected and/or sloppy employees, means prevention is not enough.

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