IT professionals need greater insight and understanding of their networks. The status quo is just not enough anymore as network security threats rise and customer demand for a better quality of experience escalates. Unfortunately, these two concepts typically work against each other. Heightened security usually results in less features and user-allowed controls. So how can an organization deliver a better experience while strengthening network security? Application intelligence is the key.

Application intelligence is gained by using application-related network monitoring information to secure better insight into what is, and is not, happening in a network. Once this information is in hand, it is much easier to boost network security protection, reduce troubleshooting costs, create efficiencies, and extend the life and utility of monitoring tools. For instance, early detection of breaches using application data, speeds detection of a breach which can then be stopped. This reduces the costs associated with the breach as the loss of personally identifiable information (PII) is stopped in its tracks.

There are five key areas in which application intelligence can deliver greater insight into network data while ensuring the network (and the applications running on it) are stronger, more secure, and more resilient:

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