Enterprises now have a variety of options regarding where they can store and protect their data, such as on-premise, private cloud, public cloud and colocation. But what is the most secure?

As technology has advanced, the amount of data being produced by a seemingly endless number of devices has surged. This dynamic has seen the way businesses secure data evolve into a variety of mediums. This is a response to the continuously changing and, at times, insecure global business environment.The popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow at an exponential rate, and more data than ever is required to ensure that these applications and devices perform at an optimum and secure level for enterprise operations.

An often under-reported element of IoT applications is the virtual and physical infrastructure that sits behind them, not in the devices themselves. To respond to this growing expanse of data, a number of options have been made available for enterprises – both small and large – to peruse. These include on-premise, private cloud, public cloud and colocation data centres.It is in these domains where the necessary (cloud) computing capacity and secure storage of data is possible. Often, businesses will use a combination of these secure strongholds in order to remain versatile.

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