Most of the businesses that we work with have some of their IT solutions hosted or delivered remotely from cloud providers. What remains on site are usually servers that provide access to file sharing, user management and maybe run a couple of applications. That infrastructure is often physically unsecured and located in a less than desirable closet, or worse yet, in a hot cabinet somewhere in the office.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Today there are many options for getting the last of your on-site infrastructure moved to the cloud or collocated in a data center that is physically and virtually secure, has power and data redundancy and is properly designed for environmental control.

Many business owners are aware of Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google G Suite for hosted email, file sharing and desktop applications. What you may not be aware of is that many of these companies are building out additional computing capabilities that could allow you to get rid of those file servers in the office. These cloud-based solutions are now capable of hosting applications, user management and other services that historically needed to reside on local servers. Of course, you will need a fast and reliable connection to the internet, but here in Northern Nevada there are more options becoming available to most areas.

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