Enterprise file sync and share is becoming a more important member of the collaborative toolbox for organizations across the world. The technology is so effective at delivering the secure syncing, accessing, sharing and managing of files from any device that market research firm MarketsandMarkets predicted the worldwide enterprise file sync-and-share market will grow healthily to more than triple its 2015 value of $1.1 billion to over $3.51 billion by 2020.

According to our surveys, there’s plenty of room for the enterprise file sync-and-share market to replace or supplement another collaboration tool in the enterprise, or fill a hole where none presently exists. In fact, there are more organizations who already have some type of file sharing or collaboration system installed shopping for another tool in the enterprise file sync-and-share market than do not. Of those, the majority have full-blown enterprise content management (ECM) or document management systems (e.g., SharePoint) (43%) deployed as their main method for sharing and collaborating on documents; while another 32% have in-house or custom-built apps for that purpose; and 28% have some other type of Managed File Transfer, EFSS or cloud-based ECM product deployed.

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