As more and more organizations flock to the cloud for their file storage and sharing needs, an IT dilemma is beginning to form. The need to access shared documents across users, devices, and locations is quickly presenting a security threat to organizations.

This represents a nightmare for enterprise IT staff. Once upon a time, all of your company’s documents and files were kept in-house, but with the flock to cloud services, BYOD environments, and distributed environments a need is quickly emerging to maintain administrative control over a variety of endpoints and networks.

Secrata Administrators can run audit reports on their systems

Secrata helps to bridge the gap between disparate hardware, systems, or networks. Secrata administrators maintain control over the file service to ensure that only appropriate users can access the Secrata platform. Using Secrata Administrator tools, you can audit a user’s actions to maintain total visibility into your Secrata instance. This level of granular administrative visibility ensures that Secrata admins have a path to audit potential data breaches, security threats, or just to run routine audits.

Increasing administrator controls is a priority for the Secrata team as we develop our product roadmap. Presenting granular permissions controls and enhanced user management tools. Topia Technology would be happy to hear about administrator features that your organization could benefit from.


Blog Post Written By: Matt Seto, Secrata Product Manager


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