Secrata prides itself on being the most secure way to secure and send files to users both inside and outside of your network. Secrata also prides itself on being the easiest way to send those files.

On the surface, you simply create a workspace, invite some friends and share some files. But Secrata is much more powerful once you dig into some of its features. The Topia Technology blog will keep you updated on some of these handy new features, as well as point out some of the use cases that set Secrata apart from the competition.

Secrata Workspaces are more than just folders for holding files. The workspace message board is a great way to communicate with coworkers within the context of your project. More importantly, the messages in the workspace message board are secured with the same encryption as the rest of your Secrata files, meaning you can be assured that nobody is reading your messages.

At Topia Technology, we use Secrata workspaces to communicate with users outside of our IT infrastructure in a secure way. Sometimes our Secrata workspaces are used to send executable files and other programs, using the workspace message board we can give instruction and guidance on how to use these programs. The workspace message board allows you to give guidance in context of the shared files, without having to send separate instruction documents through email or some other communication method.

Workspace messages exist for the entire life of the workspace. You can onboard new employees and share relevant workspaces with them. They can navigate all old workspace messages and get caught up on workspace actions to help for quicker onboarding.

The workspace message board has many other use cases, maybe your organization has found a different workflow that uses the message board in a new and novel way. We would love to hear about any ideas you have.

Blog Post Written By: Matt Seto, Secrata Product Manager


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