The explosive growth of cloud file sync and share services is no mystery. Companies like DropBox, Egnyte and Box have tapped a rich vein of user demand and delivered a solution that does not impose new behaviors or workflows. This has resulted in explosive growth for cloud providers but has created a security nightmare for enterprise IT.

This trend is complicated by the fact that the IT landscape has become far more complex with the rapid adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets driven primarily by the consumer market, but forced upon the enterprise by users who demand to use their cherished mobile devices on corporate networks. The convenience and productivity gains realized through the use of mobile computing are clear. So this means that enterprise IT security must find ways to deliver the same service and user experience without compromising the security or audit capabilities of their file and data assets.

Rather than ban cloud file sync and share solutions from corporate devices, IT is attempting to take control of the data security. If the enterprise could locate, identify, and secure the data & file assets where they reside—whether inside the enterprise or in a private or public cloud—without imposing a new workflow on the end-user, then everybody wins. If you can make every file movement between clouds, between devices, and between users private and secure, then the user is empowered and risk is mitigated. Secrata can make this a reality for your enterprise today.

Topia Technology has ensured unmatched security for Secrata, its data security platform built specifically for the enterprise. Secrata shreds the data first, and then encrypts each shred with unique encryption keys – ensuring your data is impervious to ANY SSL/TLS exploit. It is the most secure way to share files on the wide area internet.
Now the enterprise can join the adoption of file sync and share with the confidence that if it’s Secrata, it is secure.


Written By: Janine Terrano, CEO Topia Technology


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