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  • Securing Enterprise Data Across Complex Distributed Networks

    Securing Enterprise Data Across Complex Distributed Networks

  • Data Driven Visibility of Your Entire Environment

    Data Driven Visibility of Your Entire Environment

Topia Announces Cobalt
Total Network & Infrastructure Visibility

Every Enterprise must have visibility into their environment in order to make important investments and secure successful outcomes. As your enterprise adapts to the evolving risks and rewards of mobile, cloud, IoT and big data it must understand the relationships between assets, usage and performance. Cobalt is a data driven solution that lets your data provide total visibility of your environment ensuring you have facts to support high impact decisions and agility to address immediate issues.

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Unmatched Security


Every headline and data breach statistic reminds us that encryption is not enough. Topia’s enterprise data security platform, Secrata, provides unmatched security over the wire and at rest. Your data is obfuscated through a patented shredding and encryption. Each shred is encrypted with unique keys and no logic to connect the shreds is accessible. Secrata ensures your data is never in the clear between the point of origin and the point of destination. And your data is impervious to ALL SSl/TLS exploits.

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How do you protect your data?


quote-left According to George Kurtz, co-founder of computer cyber security firm CrowdStrike, “Every industry, engineering documents, manufacturing processes, chip designs, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, you name it it’s been stolen” quote-left

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February 21, 2017

Yahoo Among Many Disclosing Data Breaches to SEC

Yahoo is part of a growing list of companies disclosing past data breaches to the Securities and...
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February 20, 2017

Data protection: businesses are spoilt for choice

Enterprises now have a variety of options regarding where they can store and protect their data, such...
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February 15, 2017

Data security is one of three top concerns for 55% of C-level execs

“We learned that even during these times of political and economic uncertainty and technology, American and European...
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Visibility and Data Security


Topia Technology has long been at the forefront securely moving and managing enterprise data in complex environments. Working with such agencies as the US Army, Air Force, TSA and FAA, Topia has a seasoned engineering team solving complex networking challenges inherent to cloud, mobile and big data workflows.

Topia’s products address the need to know and the need to secure.

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