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The Challenge: Securing Data

across the Dynamic Enterprise

Challenge 2014: Ensuring enterprise data security and accessibility

Enterprise data must be both secure and accessible—each are tough challenges. Today's enterprise must ensure that their information sharing environments both protect data and allow collaborative access to a rapidly evolving range of users, devices, and services. Specifically, secure, reliable data sharing must perform for a global user base, across disparate computing environments with different security levels, support mobile and BYO (bring your own) devices, and integrate cloud and local services. Current coverage of massively damaging security breaches at Target, Snapchat, and Starbucks prove that data encryption is inadequate to these challenges.

Encryption and other “Me-too” security measures are not a "silver bullet"

Data encryption is essential to securing enterprise information, but it does not provide a comprehensive solution. Recent reports that the NSA can not only break industry standard encryption algorithms but has paid cyber security firms to weaken those algorithms (NY Times, 17 Jan 2014), underscore the need for additional security methods when data are in transit or at rest. McAfee Labs (Dec 2013) predicts a substantial increase in attacks aimed at shared resources in the cloud, and organizations will face additional threats due to vendor security and the unintended—and unsecured—commingling of personal and corporate data on home and mobile devices and in the cloud (InfoSecurity Magazine, Jan 2014).


Encryption, even properly used, can fall prey to threats including sniffing and malware, and is not proof against environments where encryption keys are stored locally or co-located with data, and where third-party applications integrate with cloud services. All of these threats resonate in today's complex enterprise computing environments—they cannot be merely avoided, they must be acknowledged, solved for, and secured.


Additional challenges include a huge growth in the use of mobile devices and BYOD users. Administrators must secure these devices, the data they store and access, and both the cloud services and the connections across which they access them. Each represents a new security threat, and none are rendered secure by encryption alone.


Finally, security professionals must address a variety and range of security policies for applications and services and ensure that enterprise employees adhere to these policies and practice secure computing. Encryption doesn't apply here, at all.

Secure Fabric™: Beyond Encryption for Data Beyond the Enterprise

The answer to these challenges must address each aspect of today’s evolving enterprise environment. Cloud services like Box, Ignite, and Syncplicity that originally targeted a consumer market are attempting to retrofit their security implementations to meet enterprise requirements, slapping on a veneer of encryption that fails under fire. Secure Fabric, a Topia Technology platform, ensures data security and accessibility by providing a tightly designed infrastructure for moving data and files within and across enterprises and the cloud, on network, home, and mobile devices.

Secure Fabric Elements





February 25, 2014

Customers to benefit from powerful new insight into the access, sharing, transfer, and storage of individual files across enterprise borders.

TACOMA, WA—February 25, 2014—Topia Technology, today announced that it has joined the McAfee® Security Innovation Alliance™ (SIA) partner program. Under the McAfee SIA program, Topia Technology will integrate its Secure Fabric Platform with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager providing customers with event information, analysis, auditing, and reporting on file data as files are shared or synced within and beyond traditional enterprise borders.

Secrata with Secure Fabric, extends McAfee Enterprise Security Manager beyond the enterprise firewall. It adds file- and event-level auditing and reporting for data access, sharing, and storage using mobile devices and cloud services and when data is shared with non-enterprise users.

“We are delighted to add Topia Technology to the select list of Technology Partners in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program,” said Ed Barry, vice president of the Security Innovation Alliance, at McAfee. “We expect our joint solution to stimulate powerful new workflows for security and compliance, a key goal of the (SIA) program.”

“As enterprises struggle to control and secure their assets across internal file stores, an ever-increasing universe of mobile devices, and a plethora of non-secure cloud storage services,” said Janine Terrano, CEO of Topia Technology, “they are searching for solutions that allow them to identify and quickly isolate noncompliant data sharing and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. The Secure Fabric Platform combined with the McAfee ESM gives customers the tools to secure their valuable data assets.”

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager enables businesses with true, real-time situational awareness and the speed and scale required to identify critical threats, respond intelligently, and ensure continuous compliance monitoring. For more information on the McAfee SIA and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager please visit: http://www.mcafee.com.



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