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The Next Generation of Enterprise Data Orchestration

The volume and complexity of data is growing at a record rate.

As the enterprise seeks to enhance workflows and better understand its data, the ease of secure data integration and orchestration must meet the speed of business.  Sherpa leverages the capability of any Blockchain to enable an entirely new level of data integration, orchestration and security.

Sherpa stores and distributes data access permission information in the Blockchain, and enforces those permissions through extensions to integration pipelines.  Sherpa is a system integration platform and toolkit designed to enable easy and secure integration of disparate systems.  The platform includes a number of features:


  • Pipelines are constructed from multiple components linked together,
  • Pipelines can be modified and evolved in-situ,
  • Toolkit includes many useful database components out of the box,
  • Custom components can be created for specific enterprise needs,
  • Secure data transmission and data security components are provided to protect data in transit.

The enterprise can easily, secure, automate, orchestrate and audit any simple or complex movement of data.

Sherpa provides additional pipeline components that are able to communicate with the blockchain to both read data permissions from the Blockchain as well as write audit logs to the Blockchain recording the flow of data through the pipeline. By placing these new components in the data pipeline, the pipeline will be able to record the actions taking place in the data pipeline and monitor the Blockchain for changes in the data access permissions that affect the systems and organizations involved in the pipeline.