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29 Aug


cobalt intro

August 29, 2016 | By |

Data Driven Insight

Every Enterprise is facing multiple challenges as they evolve their network to enable cloud, mobile and internet of things adoption.  What is the impact of workflow transitions?  How can we control costs and improve performance?  How can we monetize our data?
In truth, no analytics capability is worth any investment unless it provides answers and a way forward for specific challenges identified by the individual Enterprise.  Charts and graphs may look great, but do they answer the burning questions?

Traditional software based analytics are constrained by the complexity of rule based methods often requiring more effort, more data, more time to solve the problems and more investment.  Cobalt is a data driven capability that begins first with the understanding of the customer pain points.  What are you trying to solve?  This knowledge is presented in the Data Science layer and produces “full scope” or Cobalt data, this with the raw machine data and contextual data becomes the basis of the Cobalt machine learning engine.  The more data, the more Cobalt learns and the more insight is gained.

Cobalt overcomes the challenges presented by siloed enterprise tools and information by working across all monitoring tools and repositories.  Most enterprises don’t have access to machine data across their enterprise and cloud environments and are unable to understand key relationships of assets and usage that impact productivity.  Cobalt’s powerful solution transforms machine data into knowledge that can be fed into existing tools to empower planning for high impact decisions, root cause, performance and monetization.